• Safe

    We have created one of the safest whitening systems on the market. Backed with extensive clinical research we have created and designed the perfect formula. Our products are backed by Dental Professionals, and 100% clinically tested and proven.

  • Approved

    We are among the select few to comply with FDA and ADA (American Dental Association) Standards. We do not test on animals, and all our gels are Made in America.
  • Fast Results

    Our professional whitening agents are formulated to begin breaking down surface stains within the first 15 minutes. Our Plasma Glo LED speeds up the whitening process, and in 6 treatments you will notice an improvement by 2-8 shades.

  • No Sensitivity

    Our unique formula gel is strong enough to fight tough stains with little to no sensitivity. Our Remineralizing Gel will re-hydrate and nourish teeth after the whitening process. Our formula includes Potassium Nitrate which reduces sensitivity and strengthens tooth enamel.

  • Unique Formula

    Our formula has ingredients that reduce cavities, reduce dry mouth, nourish and re-hydrate teeth . Our post whitening gel will return essential vitamins and minerals post whitening.

  • Stain Remover

    Our Professional Dental Grade Whitening Gel is guaranteed to gently remove all coffee, tea, wine, & tobacco staining from the enamel surface. Our gels are extremely gentle with oxidizing properties that are effective at removing deep stains.

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