• 1

    Take Your Impression

    Order your custom fitted whitening trays online, and recieve a Home Impression Kit. Take your own impressions in less than 5 minutes. Easy step by step insturctions walk you through the entire process.

  • 2

    Send it to Our Professionals

    Simply send your custom impressions back to our team of professionals in the pre-paid envelope provided.

  • 3

    We Fabricate Your Dental Appliance

    Within 1 week of receiving your impressions our team of dental professionals will analyze your molds and handcraft a custom fitted whitening tray for a perfect fit!

  • 4

    Receive Your Custom Fitted Dental Appliance Directly to Your Doorstep

    Receive your lab direct custom fitted whitening trays and begin your journey to a whiter, brighter, healthier Confident Smile!