Before You Begin You Will Need:

Mix and Mold

  • 1

    Remove the BASE and CATALYST putty from the packaging.

  • 2

    Quickly mix by "mushing" the BASE putty and CATALYST putty together like Play-Doh until they are thoroughly mixed without any color swirls. You should have a uniform color putty.

  • 3

    Roll putty between your hands forming a thick, solid, hot dog shape.

  • 4

    Take Impressions

    Evenly place putty into tray to form a "U" shape. Do not push into place. Allow putty to extend to back edge of tray to ensure capturing of black teeth.

    IMMEDIATELY PROCEED TO STEP 5 once putty is evenly distributed in trays.

    The red dotted line area represents the optimal position for your teeth.

  • 5

    The quality of your custom trays depend on accurate impressions. Start by opening and relaxing your mouth, place loaded tray inside.


    Once tray is fully seated, do not wiggle or move it.

  • 6

    Verify to make sure you clearly see the impression of your teeth in the putty. An example of a good impression is show here. Once you have good impression, repeat steps 2- 5 for the remaining arch.

    If you need more putty due to an error we are happy to send you more material. Please contact to request more material.

Impression Return Process

We will receive your impressions in 2-4 business days with USPS First Class mail. Your custom whitening trays will be created and shipped to you within 5 days of receiving your impressions. We will notify you via email when we have received your impressions and as soon as your custom trays are shipped back to you.